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Initial posted in 1973, Nancy monday’s

My Personal Key Garden

accumulates and acknowledges ladies’ anonymous intimate dreams such that nobody ever had prior to.

In the introduction, tuesday writes, “What I am attempting to carry out would be to set up an even more acceptable climate for dream, to ensure that women that do fantasize cannot feel so by yourself, so estranged, and certainly will know that there’s nothing completely wrong with it — that actually, for them and for females still unacquainted with their particular fantasies, an even more aware usage of all of them can also add an exciting brand new aspect into the sex work.”

Even though it’s now fairly recognized that everyone fantasizes often, this amazing option from saturday’s publication illustrates how much has evolved — as well as how a great deal has actually stayed equivalent.

1. Gal friends.

“I think of close friends (past lady buddies) being in bed with these people, merely pressing and kissing. This is certainly in terms of the dreams ever get, although I wish to fulfill a lesbian and experiment.”

2. “All under amazing conditions.”

“a lot of my personal lesbian fantasies happen during genital stimulation. The most widespread is certainly one where Im seeing females masturbating on their own in demo for me. I visualize many different roles and methods, all under spectacular situations.”

3. “often this imaginary person is actually female.”

“Oftentimes we imagine someone really slowly drawing near to myself and moving closer to us to kiss my genitals. As I imagine the individual getting closer, I be a little more excited, and as we think of the hug You will find a climax. Occasionally this imaginary person is feminine.”

4. “I pretend it’s the lady.”

“While my personal kid buddy is having intercourse in my opinion we typically fantasize about my closest friend. […] Anyway, the fantasizing starts when my personal child friend begins kissing myself. I pretend it is this lady. She kisses myself significantly and passionately. After that she will get on top of me and begins kissing my breasts and gently biting my personal erect nipples. Then I kiss the woman hard nipples and commence sucking them, whilst inside her arms. She informs me how much cash she enjoys me and exactly how she desires us to love their just as much. I inform the lady i actually do. Subsequently she kisses me once more.”

5. “commonly the woman is in an army uniform.”

“We have lesbian dreams. Normally I think of a woman who is physically much like a man, which means she is heavily constructed but nonetheless feminine, sensitive, enjoying (motherly often), thoughtful. Very often she actually is in a military consistent. She isn’t beautiful, merely attractive. She’s assertive but open-minded, enjoyable to get with, wants songs, sporting events, garments, and animals. She’s well-off not wealthy, thrifty but not miserly. We generally masturbate, kiss (in the lips), sleep-in one another’s arms (she keeps me personally largely). I’m secure together.”

6. This option simply very very certain.

“My ‘fantasy enthusiast’ is obviously with me almost all the time, and that I find the girl very exciting. She actually is a ‘masculine’-looking woman dressed up in ‘drag’ (men’s room dress). She is really nice and she takes myself out every Saturday and Sunday evening. She works from inside the Ambulance solutions as a driver (senior). Once we go to bed this woman is very gentler and understanding and the fan — a lot better than a guy. I would never ever trade their for one. Everytime there is intercourse really more exciting versus finally time, therefore we manage to make love often (about twelve instances the lady evening — whenever I feel hot). Each activity is actually short, quickly, but fulfilling. Of course, this is simply a fantasy or daydream,


the rich woman exists; but maybe not in


existence (fortunate devil that has the woman). I have just observed the girl in moving. I was keeping the ‘torch’ for her for

almost six years


7. “Sentenced to twelve shots associated with the cane.”

“I suppose I am one of many senior women, elderly about eighteen, caught cigarette smoking and sentenced to twelve shots on the cane. We remain beyond your home regarding the secretary’s space and pay attention to the noises in the caning going on interior. It is my turn. I-go in, step out of my fitness center tunic, and stay there sensation tight in my own tight knickers. The secretary things to the flogging block, says Bend over, woman, and I get across it, prepared for my personal thrashing because of the cane to my knickers. While i will be pretending that i’m acquiring caned, we masturbate.”

8. “I’d slight lesbian tendencies before going inside convent…”

“I had minor lesbian inclinations before you go in to the convent, but then they expanded. I masturbated usually before We moved here, but this increased enormously. I simply must get reduction somehow. Luckily, we increased fond of a newcomer more than my self and privately we masturbated together sometimes. It was actually that I began having dreams. I might grow fond of a nun, although having fun with myself I might think of the lady. I would personally suppose it had been the woman fingers that titillated my clitoris. I’d strive to imagine her standing up of the bedside stark naked with hairs on the pubic area. I additionally made an effort to contemplate the woman getting used by another nun. This brought me to a climax speedily.”

9. “becoming entirely enticed by a dominant woman.”

“You will find often wondered exactly what it is will get a lady all alone somewhere and seduce their, or to end up being totally seduced by a prominent woman, specifically as my personal knowledge to date is since the initiator. […] we’ll go over this scene over and over again, picturing just how that basic lady actually was with me, things i would have tried had I only known. Easily like i will actually that is amazing my personal hand is actually her language.”

10. “I am just passive and simply lay indeed there.”

“During my lesbian dreams, I’m able to never ever place an identity to my personal companion. She’s nobody I know and it has no face or character. In my own fantasies she actually is only a female human anatomy whom requires almost all of the step, while Im just passive and simply rest here as she can make like to myself.”

11. “We rarely remember it, but…”

“Once I’d a lesbian fantasy. I hardly remember it, but it was using my very closest pal. I became the aggressor. It actually was a beautiful experience.”

12. “I experienced a young, pretty feminine teacher.”

“I experienced a, pretty feminine teacher on whom i suppose I experienced a crush. […] I imagined that people would undress both, and she’d hold me in her hands. I quickly would kiss the woman boobs and draw on her behalf hard nipples like I happened to be an infant. Some days, i’d fantasize about using a bath or bath together, and that I might have ideas about washing and drying out the woman body.”

13. “The boobs happened to be essential for excitation.”

“We have from time to time fantasized about two of my pals, both of who have very womanly figures. […] I would personally picture me as a man having sex to 1 of these ladies. The breasts happened to be extremely important for excitation.”

14. “Wow.”

“once I see a female nude, i get excited. Then I think, wow.”

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